Lately I was so into travelling around Korea… dont know why after i came back from Malaysia I just wanna appreciate my time here.. it’s not like I didnt like my own country but since i already here why not I utilize all the chance I got…

Like last week I was join Hangeul Day at City Hall and Firework Festival at Han River… even the event wasn’t a really big event but i was happy because I can spend time with my Japanese, Italian and Canadian friends. Not to mention had 2nd experience shivering next to Hangang since it’s already autumn here…

my buddy at Hangeul Festival

spen a good time with them

Talk about traveling in Korea I just join Korea Tourism new campaign ‘Haru’… i think many of you aware with campaign since our so infamous TVXQ member, U-Know Yunho is apart of the campaign drama actor… if u interested to join the campaign just click the video below… dont forget to like it k… i’m counting on you…^^

click to see the video
u also can check my recommendation place in Korea by download my exciting-travel-guide book and also my rhythm-travel-guide book

And as for tomorrow I will start my Malaysian Culture class again and going to Mount Sorak (Soraksan)… really can’t wait for it… i will update about it later.. wait for it… ^^