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2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2010. That’s about 4 full 747s.


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Happy Birthday to my blog…

huhuhu.. cant believe it’s already a year since i start this blog.. as see from how many blog post i did..urmmm.. poor my blog.. seem the owner is really lazy to update (that’s me!)…

final week of 2010 was not a great week for me.. a lot of depression, tears, hateful and else but since today is new year so i wanna left everything behind.. start a new year with new spirit and goal..

talking about last year resolution, praise to the mighty god, i got almost what I want.. even i failed to fulfill one of my resolution at the end of the day of last year, but still i should be thankful with what i got.. i shouldn’t be too greedy rite?

about this year, i dont want to put too much hope.. of course i’m hoping this year will be better than last year and will be a great year for me, but the things that happened to me lately make me think i should put my goal based on my ability, or else it’s just a empty dream…

as this year i only wish to:

1. cry less – i cant promise that i will not cry (since i’m crybaby).. but unlike last year i hope i will not crying because of study, loneliness or people around me.. i should be more stronger since i’m living in foreign country.. i cant be weak or i will drown in depression..

2. Meet my idols – yes i did saw changmin, yunho and super junior last year.. even until the last day of 2010 i tried to meet JYJ but because of certain issued i didnt get glimpse of them.. that 1 of the reason why my last week of 2010 is not really good.. but still i wish to meet them in the future.. i just found no matter what they do i dont have strength to hate them..huhuh.. with TVXQ comeback this january I wish to see their performance at MuBank at least once…

3. study – i wanna do better in study.. learning Korea is harder than i thought.. since i will start my major this spring i already start to practice translating JYJ twitter.. but some of my reader wont understand.. since i did a lot of mistake they ask me not to translate anymore.. i know it’s not easy but i dont wish to stop either.. so if u wanna read, please do so and if u dont like my translation, i wont welcome you…

4. money – i need to manage my money well since i dream to ride same flight with JYJ to Malaysia and bring my parents here. I was addicted to online shopping since I stay in Korea but lately i can control it.. there’s no other way except being busy all the time and not visiting those online shop.. but it wont hurt if i do once a while rite?

5. timetable – I wanna get rid of my ‘delay’ habit so i guess timetable one of the way.. i hope it can be last long.. study, exercise, internet, drama, translating… i should know my limit and when i should do other things…

6. lastly spend a little time with my pity blog – huhuhu.. i try not to do monthly update but at least i should change to weekly update.. what’s the meaning blogging without update right.. even my story maybe not interesting for other people at least when i left this country i have some memories… either bad or good it’s gonna be the color of my life.. i’m not hoping much but if someone can get some guidance from my life journey, it’s gonna be great.. i only wish all my reader have better life than me.. ^^

i guess that’s all my resolution for this year.. hope i will able to achieve it.. recently i like this phrase so much.. it’s from Purple Line lyrics (Japanese version).. it’s give me strength every time i felt down..

When challenges assail me, my heart becomes completely out of my control But I won’t run away if this is what it takes to grow

now i’m off to 정동진 to see sunrise tomorrow.. even though is 1 day late but it’s better than never.. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY BLOG READY.. HOPE THIS YEAR WILL BE A GREAT YEAR FOR ALL OF US… ^^