I just see my blog review for this year and I like………………………….only TWO freaking post???! congratulationnn!!! i failed again… so i decide to write this post as year end gift to my poor blog… see what i did this past whole year..

family and fren

Hot Spring at Sungkai

Family BBQ day

Raya with my dorky siblings

tourist guiding…

lovely auntie and uncle

Puspanita trip

Kpop tour with old net fren


MNet global supporter

watching Elisabeth.. Junsu the deathly Death!

with Sungmin’s mom

TVXQ Fansign

ABU song festival

TVXQ Catch Me live in Seoul 2012

My Korea tour


Hapcheon-gu Marathon

Jeolla-nam tour

Jeolla-buk Taekwondo Tour

Snowboarding at Oak Valley

I can’t believe I was this busy this year.. maybe this is the reason I couldn’t update my blog frequently..

Anyway hope next year will be better than this year..to me and to all people alive!~~