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Holiday in Jeju

After living for 2 years in Korea finally I got chance to visit Jeju Island! hoooyeahhhhhh!!! when i saw promotion package on GMarket on the spot i told my friends and 4 of us agree to take the package. the package include flight ticket, motel for 3 days 2 nights and 50 hours car rental.

So on April 29th we woke up really early around 5 a.m in the morning because we took the first flight to Jeju.. thank god it was almost summer, so we can see sunrise on our way to airport.

watching sunrise from subway…

we arrive at Kimpo airport around 7 a.m and it’s already pack with people..we went straight to Jin Airway counter and got our boarding pass.. apparently Kimpo airport system not as good as Incheon.. maybe because it’s more for domestic flight.

Imagethe happy me ready to fly!

8:15a.m  our flight take off to Jeju island. the weather in Seoul was really good so I was hoping the same thing for Jeju. Unfortunately as soon as we arrived in Jeju, rain started to fall. and that’s the sign of our wet journey. we call the car rental company and they pick us up from the airport to their office. but because some miss understanding about my driving license, we couldn’t rent the car! i started to feel headache and think about going back to Seoul. But the rest of my friend said we should stay since we already arrived. one of my friend called her host family and told them about our problem. luckily the host family were available that time and they picked us from the car rental company. so our schedule all mess up and we just followed my friend host family

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Back to blogging again!

yeahh.. don’t rub your eyes.. it’s me! i’m back again!!! ekkeke

sorry for keeping it too long (’s a gooooodddddd damn long) to update..

actually i lost inspiration to write.. and because certain things happened to me, my feeling was unstable.. i don’t want to write anything regarding that, which may influence my reader and give negative impact about korea.. of course life have up and down side, but we keep telling the ugly side, how can we taste the beauty of life..keke..i’m such a cheeeesy person! let me keep the ugly side as part of my life journal story.. so here i am, telling you the nice part of my life, so we will stay positive and motivated! some of my reader told me that my blog inspire and give motivation to them.. even though i’m not quite sure which of my rambling give motivation. so let’s go!

for the past year, I’ve joined volunteer activity, learned how to cook Korean food (i really suck at cooking!), tourist guiding, working part-time, went for holiday and not to forget my favorite activities; stalking k-pop artist!!! yeaaaa!! but i’m a GOOD stalker.. not a SASAENG k.. i just visit their workplace.. not their house or else.. ok we talk about it later..

first wanna talk about my volunteer activity. I join volunteer activity conduct by Yeoksam Global Village Center ( once a month i will visit ST. Mary Hopsital at Kangnam area to help hospital staff there doing some work.. even though my contribution was really small but i really enjoy my time spend there.. i met many other foreigner and most of them are english teacher teaching at primary school.. so they have a lot interesting story to share with let’s check the pictures!

the supper happy me, listening story from others..

we are different background, different country, different culture but we have same heart…^^

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