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huhuh… almost a month i didnt write anything here… i dont know when i will change this habit of mine… kekek

today will be a big day for me… INTERVIEW DAY!! after a month of hard work, finally i as selected for Global Korean Scholarship… yeaaaaaa!!!! just need a step to make my dream come true! if i pass this interview, i will fly to korea by end of March…kyaaaaaa… feel really excited eventho i dont know how the interview will be…huhu… i’m googling bout KGSP but there’s not many info i got… maybe the interview session is very secretive… i dont know…

i hope i will do well in this interview dis evening n make my dream to study in changmin’s country come true..^^ pray for my luck! 😉


First day of the year… first post

hello all.. 안녕하세요…

first of all i wanna make declaration.. this blog is NOTHING to do with kbs talk show Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart) host by Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi.. this just a place full with my blabbering n silly thought

yeah.. this is my first entry on the very first day in 2010.. actually i’ve plan to have my own personal blog about last 2 month.. but as lazy as i am.. just just create it todays..

oh i already have a blog before.. y changminprincess? coz shim changmin is my prince charming!! sound like high school huh? but i graduate from university 2 years ago T.T.. back to my changminprincess blog.. i create that blog coz i love kpop s much.. i post most of my fav korean song lyrics there.. sometimes if i have mood i post about korean language too.. oh forgot to tell.. i’m learning korean at local university.. n i love to share what i learned with everyone.. eventho i rarely update that blog, but i really treasure it.. most my fren will find me i dont want to taint it with my silly-weird thought.. so i warn u.. u will read a lot of my silly-weird thought here! ^__^

강심장(kang shimjang) or strong heart.. that’s my wish.. i hope i really have a strong heart.. it’s not that i have heart problem or heart disease.. i just hope i’ll be more tougher to face all challenges this year.. i wish i’ll be brighter and face the challenge with positive thinking.. i want to leave all my stressful live with 2009.. hope this year better than last year..

네 수원 (my wish)

– some improvement in my creer

– get scholarship

– fly to korea to study korean language

– increase my bank account digit

– TVXQ and super junior come and perform in Malaysia

– find a genie and ask hm to make all my wish come true ^__^

enough for now.. what i have to do is work hard n pray.. zaizai HWAITING!!!