yeahh.. don’t rub your eyes.. it’s me! i’m back again!!! ekkeke

sorry for keeping it too long (’s a gooooodddddd damn long) to update..

actually i lost inspiration to write.. and because certain things happened to me, my feeling was unstable.. i don’t want to write anything regarding that, which may influence my reader and give negative impact about korea.. of course life have up and down side, but we keep telling the ugly side, how can we taste the beauty of life..keke..i’m such a cheeeesy person! let me keep the ugly side as part of my life journal story.. so here i am, telling you the nice part of my life, so we will stay positive and motivated! some of my reader told me that my blog inspire and give motivation to them.. even though i’m not quite sure which of my rambling give motivation. so let’s go!

for the past year, I’ve joined volunteer activity, learned how to cook Korean food (i really suck at cooking!), tourist guiding, working part-time, went for holiday and not to forget my favorite activities; stalking k-pop artist!!! yeaaaa!! but i’m a GOOD stalker.. not a SASAENG k.. i just visit their workplace.. not their house or else.. ok we talk about it later..

first wanna talk about my volunteer activity. I join volunteer activity conduct by Yeoksam Global Village Center ( once a month i will visit ST. Mary Hopsital at Kangnam area to help hospital staff there doing some work.. even though my contribution was really small but i really enjoy my time spend there.. i met many other foreigner and most of them are english teacher teaching at primary school.. so they have a lot interesting story to share with let’s check the pictures!

the supper happy me, listening story from others..

we are different background, different country, different culture but we have same heart…^^

next, because i know i’m sooooo good at cooking, so i joined korean cooking class. this class also conduct by Yeoksam Global Village Center and the only 5000won.. they will send you newsletter and if you think you wanna join that month class, just reply the email and pay 5000won during the class.. I only able to attend this class for 2 times because usually the class is on i attend this class uring my semester break.. i learned how to make pattjuk(red bean porridge) and kyudan(rice cake) for last winter break and this summer i learn how to make bibimguksu(mixed noodle) and ojingo and squid pancake..


please say nothing about the look…^^

bibimguksu and squid pancake

within 2 years in korea, i did some part time job.. it’s not that my scholarship is not enough.. it’s just me as shopping maniac, i need extra money.. so i worked as translator, tourist guide, foreign monitor and…sorry i can’t recall anymore.. my favorite job is tourist guiding and the least to my liking is translating.. yeah i know it’s my major but i found it was too hard to do.. however i manage to compete one or two job.. me and my friend Chan translate one documentary about Malaysia for EBS.. you can watch it here.. episode 1, episode 2, episode 3 and episode 4.. please open with ie coz it won’t work with firefox.. i only translate the Malay and english part to korean and i loss a lot of my sleep time because of that.. other than TV i did translate for FB advertisement from korean to malay.. after did this job, now i realize i’m not even good with my own mother tongue.. shame on me!!!

i really love tourist guiding.. beside i can earn some money, i took those time as my holiday too.. i don’t have much guest, but so far i like all my guest..they are really friendly and nice..i had great time with them..

sweetest couple ever…

sometime my guest was my my friends.. even though i’m not receive any payment but i really had a great time.. spending time chatting and went to place that we like, ate good food together, what more can i ask?

with Sungmin’s mum at Kona Beans..


our result from strolling at Apgujeong street..

and last my part time job is work as foreign monitor or marketer.. May was festival month in korea.. so i took part as foreign monitor for lotus lantern festival.. i did this for 2 years already and i really love it.. it’s a bit tiring but i felt happy everytime i saw the beautiful lantern and i can communicate with many people..

how can you not love this beautiful lantern?

as the reward they give us temple stay package for 2 days one night.. the temple really calm and green.. i felt like my was in my hoometown..

i missed my home!!!


see my excited expression!!

night at Geumsunsa Temple..

with another 2 Malaysian friends… we had too much fun here!

last my part-time job is global marketer for M-Net.. too bad i only can spend one time with them due to my busy schedule last semester.. i had fun watching BigBang comeback on Mnet Countdown.. Mnet have a lot event especially for foreigner who live overseas.. so please give their channel a lot of love!


i think i write too much already.. i will update again my holiday story on next post… see you again!