yea.. this is my first experience celebrating pepero day.. i know bout this celebration since last year but i dont know the real feeling celebrate it..

for those who dont know what is pepero it’s like Pocky or Rocky or whatever you named it as long as it’s stick with chocolate.. in korea pepero was produce by LOTTE since 1983. there’s a lot version of peppero.. u can see the image below..

why 11 november is peppero day? it’s simple because 11/11 look like pepero…^__^ from what i knew this celebration start at Busan between high school girl and it’s become popular among korean after several years.. i think LOTTE really have to give credit to those who create the pepero day..

thanks to my dearest friend Daniel, Claudia, Sanae, Haru, Taeho and Yuko for celebrating pepero day with me.. only this left coz i already ate with fren during lunch..

finally happy pepero to all…^__^