yeaaaaa!!! after a year I think I like spring the best! not sure why but it give a new feeling.. like a new hope for me..

maybe after a very cold weather for more than 3 month finally I can dress comfortably! Yes.. I AM PURE MALAYSIAN! so I can’t stand the coldness..

Spring is seasons for festival in Korea.. the lantern festival, Cherry Blossom festival, pottery festival.. I can’t wait for all of this.. usually spring is the best time to picnic with your friends..

see how beautiful Kyunghee university.. too bad my university is too small and many place is still under construction.. so me and my friends decide to had picnic at Kyungheedae last Saturday.. a day before our TOPIK exam!!^^;;

the cherry blossom really look beautiful but sadly it wont last long.. spring in Korea is just about a month and except weekend we don’t have any holidays.. huhu such a short time to enjoy the beautiful scenery..:(

I will update more about spring later especially after I attend those festival but I can’t promise that I will update fast.. so for the last enjoy the night cherry blossom~~

so pretty even in the dark..

The cherry blossom, sakura or 벚꽃  or what ever you wanna call it..

my favorite cherry blossom tree at kyunghee dae.. too bad the surrounding is too dark..(I took it on my way to diner)

cherry blossom at my school..