hehe.. seem I failed my resolution as early as first quarter of year. Yeah I know.. lazy and me is kinda inseparable..^^;;

enough with that.. what I wanna share this time is about me and my first time.. since I came to Korea I experienced so many first time.. I felt just like I was re-born once again. Especially this year. Even after a year living in Korea that’s a lot of things that I didn’t explore yet. But not all the first time is a good things. So let’s see what’s first time that I had this few month.

I start my new year with seeing my prince charming Changminie at Music Bank. This was my first time attending Music Bank recording and meet Changmin this close. Even I have to stand in -10degree weather for 5 hours it’s worth once I spot my prince. Changmin was the tallest there. It’s not hard to see him since he and Yunho were glowing and that’s make all the fans there went crazy. I was shivering through all the show coz I was standing in cold weather outside, but I still can felt Changmin uneasiness that time. I felt like something wrong from his expression. And it was confirm during SBS Strong Heart. Changmin said something wrong with his mic but the staff don’t fixed it. In deed Changmin is really scary when he angry ^^;;

Yup! You see it right. I failed my Level 4 test so I have to re-seat it again. I wasted my 10 weeks. I don’t know what happened to me. Lately I lost interest with Korean language. I need my motivation back but I don’t know where I can find it. When I was in university back then, even the subject that I don’t like I never failed any of it. But here for the first time I felt the bitter when you failed your exam. Next 2 weeks I have bigger exam. If I fail that exam too I have to say goodbye to Korea. Changmin-a, please help Noona!

I do listen to Beast’s song, but I’m not die hard fan of them and I think I can’t call myself Beauty. But since I got offer from my friends who works as part-timer with Universal Music Malaysia and we have to bring Digi-Beast Contest winner to this fanmeeting, I definitely can’t let it go. Actually this is my first time attending fanmeeting since I missed JYJ and TVXQ fanmeeting last time. I guess I never have luck with JYJ. No matter what they do, showcase, fanmeeting even concert, there’ s always something come’s up that hold me from attending their show. Honestly I didn’t even know B2st members’ name before I went to the fanmeeting except Doo Joon (coz I saw him at star golden bell), Dong Woon (coz I’m magnae hunter) and Yoseob (coz he is the lead singer) but after the fanmeeting I think I like Hyung Seung the most. He was kinda shy but witty and not to mention he win all the game during fanmeeting so other members have to treat him as the King. I guest this is gonna be my start as Beauty^^

keke.. do you believe it I make it by myself? OK it’s not 100% made by myself. I got help from one of my friend who crazy over pastries. Since last week i kept watching TOM & JERRY, favorite cartoon of my dad and me. And I can say every 2 episode there’s must be a scene that TOM get hit by the pie. It make me really wanna eat pie and of course my favorites is apple pie. This is my fist time baking a pie, so it’s not look very nice and the worse was it’s not fully cooked.. 😦 I don’t know that I have to bake the pastries first before put the filling. So IT’S FAILED! Thank god the taste kinda acceptable so I just need to practice and try again.. 🙂

My new house. This is first time I’m living alone. really2 alone. before this I used to stay at hostel with roommates. Even in Malaysia I have housemate, but here since I moved to one room house I don’t have any roommates or housemate. Everything I have to do by myself. Yes it’s give me freedom but I feel lonely too. and for the first time I’m really excited to decorates my house. I spend hours lurking over internet from 1 shopping mall to another looking for furniture and household. huhu.. it’s gonna cost me a lot. I post picture of my house when I finished with arranging my super a lot belongings…

when I saw one of my friends posting about his crochet artwork, I fall in love with it. My friend made an plushy elephant that they call Amigurumi. It is so cute that make me wanna try to do it to. But of course my skill as not good as her, so I start with simple things first. This is pot cover. When you wanna place your hot pot on the table but you don’t want it ruin your table surface, usually people put paper, cloth or anything. so I made this for one of my friends. It’s my first time so the holes look very big and not very nice. I wanna practice do it more so I can make my plushy toys soon but it’s require a lot of time and I have big exam. So I think I have to hold this for a moment. maybe after I finish my exam I will start back.

First time I cooked breakfast at my new house. Since I don’ have enough equipments yet, this is the only food I can cook. scramble egg with potato. It’s taste acceptable but for those who know who I am (especially my mom) this is the biggest changes of my life. When I lived with my family, they will never saw me cooking anything except instant noodle. Even water, I’ll ask my younger sister do it for me. Now can you imagine how lazy I am? 😛 Now living alone I have to do by myself. ohh how I wish I can bring my younger sister to live with me and be my maid! kekeke. Hope after this I will cook more.. aaa and this weekend I have housewarming. I really need to call my mom and ask her for recipe but I can imagine she gonna babbling about 1 hour before she give me the recipe. Oh my poor ears!!!!

That’s all for now.. chowww!!