Time really fly fast.. without notice I already finished my first semester… seem like I just came to Korea yesterday…

Within these 10 weeks I really enjoy my class.. with talkative classmate and cheerful 선생님들 our class never been a boring class..

Even I only have 5 classmate (including me) but everyone have their own character… ok let me introduce my classmate..

First of all, couple from Italy… Claudia and Daniele… the best part of this couple is Claudia always be Daniele’s spokeperson, manager, assistant and everything.. they are really funny and kind… at first I think it’s hard to be friends with them from their cold-look.. but they totally friendly and talkative.. during the culture expo, since they know I can’t eat meat, they prepare tuna pasta… kyaaaa… so touching!!!

My 3rd classmate is Rito Haru… She’s from Nara, Japan… she always talk in funny way and really active… everytime she speak everyone will smile… such a bright girl… seem like I will spend my first semester break with her.. hope we will have great time at beach, climbing mountain and attend Claudia’s Italian Class…  really can’t wait for that.. thanks for inviting me along…^^

aaaaaaaaa… i just realize i dont have Chikako’s solo photo.. bad me! So this is my cutey-shy classmate Chikako!  Even she the smallest in our class but actually she is the oldest.. so we can’t bully our 언니! She’s married to Korean guy.. hope she will have kids soon…aa forgot to tell she’s from Yokohama, Japan… yeah, same country with Haru but every time we discuss about Japanese culture, there always have Nara’s version and Yokohama’s version.. keke..

Next to Chikako is my homeroom teacher… 박기선 선생님… like Chikako, this 선생님 also talking cutely.. I have so much fun learning Korean from her… beside teaching korean, she always introduce us where is best place to visit in Korea and always encourage us to play outside more.. so don’t blame me if I play too much.. i just try to be a good student who follow what her teacher said… ^_________^

Now 양수영 선생님’s turn… pretty isn’t she?…  as 읽이 선생님, she’s always correcting my poor Korean pronunciation… even we only have 1 hour/day class with her, we enjoy it so much.. this poor 선생님 always got bullied by Daniele… keke.. hope we will meet again next semester… ^^

As for me, since I’m new here there’s a lot of thing that I curious about… so I’m in stage of exploring everything… but never forgot the reason why I’m here…. I admit I didn’t study much this semester.. I even do the homework an hour before the class start.. sometimes I forgot the homework… I know both my  선생님 disappointed with me every time I late submit their homework… but they never scold me… I think I should change this kind of habit before it getting worse… thank god i pass the final exam…

The Certificate

This is not the result that I proud of but it is what I deserve…. after almost 2 years learning Korean I still do stupid mistake.. sometimes I don’t even know how to spell… it’s really terrible!! some one please help me!! I really need my inspiration back… Shim Changmin where are youu??!!