kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… after 1 week of sleepless nite, finally NIIED annouced KGSP grantees…

i’m waiting for this result since 4 a.m… i was so nervous… but NIIED only upload the result after 3pm! i keep refresh the page every 30 min.. haha..see how this thing make me crazy! i cant sleep, i cant eat, i even didnt study for last nite korean class mid-term test! huhu… Miss Tiara must be dispointed with me… 미안해요, 선생님…

thank god, i’m not spend my 12 hours for nothing!

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. see my name?! i really wanna jump over the roof! MY DREAM COME TRUE!! in 30 days more i will fly to my dreamland KOREA!!!

here i wanna say a really BIG THANK YOU to my parents, Tiara 선생님, 규원 선생님 and of course my beloved frens!! thank you for all ur encouragement… haha.. feel like giving seech for award ceremony… kekeke..

i hope i will be strong there… of course it is not easy to survive at foreign country… with different language, culture, environment… but i’ll try to be positive… isnt this is what i want? go outside my comfortable zone and challange myself? HWAITING ZAIZAI!!!